Trainspotting in Santanyí

Had you been coming to Santanyí 50 years ago or earlier, you would have been able to see the trains arriving from Llucmajor and Arenal. FFCC de Mallorca (Ferrocarriles de Mallorca) had regular train services since 1917, especially during the weekends. The last train arrived in Santanyí in 1964. The old railway station does not seem to exist any longer; the building shown used to be one of the service facilities. The photo was taken in Santanyí, Mallorca, Baleares, Spain. The date: May 9th, 2014.

3 comments on “Trainspotting in Santanyí”

  1. The railway station is still there… It is at the Carrer d’es Llombards (number 4?), on the left side of the pizza restaurant. On the outside stairs are made to the balcony. See also the book “Rails Through Majorca” by Giles Barnabe, Plateway Press, page 119.
    Much greetings, Marco 😉

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